Sunday, November 16, 2008

Australian PM influenced Indonesian president's decision on East Timor

The former Indonesian President, B.J. Habibie has revealed he was pushed into making a quick decision on East Timor's independence because of a letter from Australia's Prime Minister at the time, John Howard.In 1998 Mr Howard suggested the East Timorese be given the chance to vote on independence in ten years.It was a major change in Australia's policy.Mr Howard has told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's TV Program, The Howard Years, he didn't think it would lead to a fast change in Indonesia's stance.Doctor Habibie told the same program he wasn't pleased by the suggestion that he resolve the matter over time."That means prepare them for 10 years or whatever and then after that give them their independence. ""So as I read that I was upset. It is John Howard who make me make a quick decision." (australianetwork)


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To all Timoresase do not trust anyone that influenced us.